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Begining of our new concept,which replaces our trilogy compilations, that we anounced some time ago.This is first part of our many VA EP's divided into genres. This part is oriented on ambient,drone,experiment..etc.
As usual, our VA EP's will feature many producers and artists from region of former Yugoslavia, who will trough our VA EP's present their work.
Here are producers who featured on this EP:

Is a project that is coming from the vicinity of of Sisak,Croatia formed in 2004.First musical expression appeared as a simple desire to create something different in music! Turning thoughts from everyday life, own feelings and attitudes led to the first material that is in some way call for enlightenment of human society, a call that says: "STOP THE TESTING", which is based on Narayan's attitude,also in music and video expression! In his expression Narayan is moving mostly from dark ambient atmosphere, to screaming noise associated with industrial sense. As the base of the musical performance is video that shows a very realistic world of today, his stupidity, emotions and distractions. After the first album, "The Faces of Vivisection", followed more inspired by the world and the psyche of today, the call to self-destruct! The physic editions were on the compilation of Croatian underground musicians, "A Silent Tide", remix of the Mexican experimental musician "Ordo Lacrima Christi 'collaboration project “Very Little Tiny Cups” with three other Croatian artists (Igor Još,Igor Mihovilovic and Dragan Pajic Pajo,and a album release “Annihilation of Life” on Croatian underground label “Nihiltrone” ! Presenting his work through the Internet network Narayan comes to how good and bad reviews, conviction that his work is just a cover for the publicity! Also through the Internet network reaches out to new acquaintances and encouraged with new experiences he is organizing a mini-festival of experimental electronic music in Sisak, called "Sound Abuse". With "Sound Abuse" mini-festival he is coming up with new international contacts which allows him to travel outside the Croatian borders, and also in Croatia,guest apperance on a local radio station and also at WSUM radio station in Madison, Wisconsin. Live performance consists of musical part following disturbing video clips,and that’s all about raw reality in his performance!

www.myspace.com/narayanindustry www.soundcloud.com/narayan_industry www.youtube.com/NarayanIndustry

Robert Bekic and his project Mental Cage are croatian one man band. It combines classical music with "modern" ambient and drone tunes. All in all, the music is not meant to be categorized but rather made for pure enjoyment. Soon after creating of the project, the album "My gift to You" was released for free download. Then, at the beginning of 2013, the second album "Midnight of humanity" was released also for free download. It was intended to be released physically, but the label it should have been released closed. And Rob decided to release it for free again. And then after a month a split album with "i AM esper" was released on "Torn Flesh Records" also for free again.
October 31 arrived and "Underground Alliance Records" released the final part of a three part compilation named "Hell" and Mental Cage was featured with the song "Hvala Ti"


Kukolj is project coming from Mostar,Bosnia And Herzegovina ,formed in 2013 , it is oriented on experimental noise/dark ambient. Their soundscapes are abstract poetic collage,made by minimalising noise and sound from,and experimenting with the same in various ways.


Dj Groove Archangel
Groove Archangel aka Corvus Corax aka Mix Master is underground & avant-garde musician -and producer - whose style can be defined as an unexpected fusion of sounds, rhythms, effects & noise - all that can be considered music. And for him there is no such thing as impossible in musical art. Moving his limits and pushing them even harder to broaden his perspectives of expression is what defines him artistically. So far he hasn't performed as a DJ though he would like to feel the thrill of performing in front of an audience. Instead, more than 10 years this artist produces his music at home using a PC as his instrument. So far he has published periodically on souncloud, some of his relatively unfinished works at the urging of some close friends who are his most faithful audience, but he had no official releases. His other interests include running an Internet radio,writing blog dedicated to the human rights and liberties, and especially to freedom of speech and artistic expression whom he personally holds very important and dear.



released July 26, 2014

Cover design : Jovica Šević



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Underground Alliance Association and the U.A.label was created in late 2011, in order to promote and connect producers of alternative electronica,from countries of former Yugoslavia.

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