[UA024​]​Free The Sounds

by Robert Radamant

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About Robert Radamant:
With my production and dj-ing in my comunity I’m recognized as a free artist who is researching interdisciplinary relationships between electonic music and society. My electronic performance is made under the pseudonym Robert Radamant. The main aspects of my music production is some kind of junction between every music trends made through the history. On the other side I’m researching the possibilities of home production because I belive that it's possible to make good music without enormous financial background.

If I must choose the main elements of my music I can’t bypass influence of slavic and oriental ethno, breakcore, d’n'b, IDM, glitch hop, hip hop, dubstep, post-noise rock references, various jazz artists and free form improvisations. Also, with mixing various genres I'm trying to create a unique style looking to break limitations of specific genre rules. Fieldrecordings, movie music, self-made samples, various loops, their modification, things like that are an important aspect in my work in general. In many cases I let the sounds create big parts of a song by themselves juste allowing them to play and to go their own way rather than taking ful control and so place limitations in the creative process. To make a long story short, improvisation before strict defined composition.
Lots of my work can be heard on experimental, short movies, free software games, advertisements, compilations and so on... I realesed until now some of my works on a few indie-net labels like Dogmazic, Egoboobits, Beatbusters, Jamendo, Gentlejunk and Underground Alliance. Because I'm trying to buidling a kind of art-social web, I'm always here for new ideas, colaborations, networking, so feel free to contact me if you want to do something with me.
Contact: robert.radamant@gmail.com
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released February 4, 2013



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Underground Alliance Association and the U.A.label was created in late 2011, in order to promote and connect producers of alternative electronica,from countries of former Yugoslavia.

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